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The Moon in Your Birth Chart

What does your Moon Sign say about you? Most people know their Sun Sign, but in order to discover your Moon Sign, a birth chart must be calculated. What can your moon sign tell you?

The moon in your chart deals with your emotional personality, how you approach relationships (particularly family), and your childhood.

Through analyzing the moon’s sign, we can:

  • Address issues from your childhood, removing current blocks
  • Look at your relationship “style” and how you approach your relationships today
  • Provide you with strategies to help you work with your emotional strengths

In this 3-hour workshop, your birth chart will be provided, and we will assess the moon in each of the twelve signs. We will also spend time on each individual’s chart. For that reason, the class size is limited to eight participants. Call or email soon to register (you may use the contact page to send birth information and to register).

Saturday April 12, 2003 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. $60
Northeast Portland Call: 503-890-4531

Location: La Palabra Café-Press

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