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20 April - 20 May
Element:  Earth
Planet:  Venus
If Aries is about new beginnings, Taurus is about the determined follow-through. The Taurus Bull is the perfect symbol of the rock-solid power inherent in this sign. Taureans (or those with a strong Taurus influence in their natal chart) are steadfast in all things, the epitome of the word "grounded." Able to put their shoulder to the wheel, they are often depended upon by others for their consistency. They are loyal to the hilt, as well as faithful friends and romantic partners. Taurus people also enjoy "earthy" things, the sensuality of good food, good wine, and luxury. Because Venus rules this sign, an appreciation of the finer things in life is inherent, and aesthetics are important to them. If they learn to tone down a rather possessive nature, they have a great capacity for love.

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