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23 October - 21 November
Element:  Water
Planets:  Pluto, Mars
Whoever coined the phrase "still waters run deep" was most likely describing a Scorpio. Known for their quiet intensity, Scorpios (or those with a strong Scorpio influence in their natal chart) may seem to be deceptively simple upon first meeting. But don't let yourself be deceived - there's a lot going on under that seemingly calm exterior. They can have a vengeful streak, with a tendency to remember the wrongs done to them; like the other water signs, they are extremely sensitive. But their intensity is what makes them often such fascinating individuals. Secrecy is a huge part of the Scorpio makeup; they rarely give away the whole story, always keeping something in reserve. This may seem to be an off-putting combination, but it's nothing personal - they simply like secrets. Scorpios often have a fascination with the occult or mysticism in general, anything that involves something "hidden." They are adept at solving mysteries, and thoroughly enjoy the digging that's required to do so.

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