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22 November - 21 December
Element:  Fire
Planet:  Jupiter
Sagittarians value expansion of the self, gained through travel and higher learning. They are also interested in expanding their horizons through a variety of experience. Like Geminis, they value variety in all things. Beyond that, they need freedom. They do not take kindly to staid boundaries of any kind, and are not interested in routine. Because their need for freedom is so strong, they can tend to flee commitment. A certain emotional restlessness is likely to set in. However, because these people are always needing to learn new things and expand their sense of self, they seem to have no shortage of people interested in them on some level. Often optimistic, Sagittarians (or those with a strong Sagittarius influence in their natal chart) have an interesting and upbeat outlook on life. If they follow their desires, they can become the worldly, well-traveled and fascinating individuals most of us envy and admire.

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