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19 February - 20 March
Element:  Water
Planet:  Neptune
Like the other water signs, Pisces are emotionally sensitive and intuitive. But even more than Cancer or Scorpio, Pisces are attuned to other dimensions, and are prone to seeing visions or otherworldly phenomenon. This can, on the one hand, bring to the fore extreme artistic creativity. Pisces (or those with a strong Pisces influence in their natal chart) enjoy daydreaming, and spending great lengths of time in a creative "trance" is appealing to them. On the other hand, Pisces must take care not to let their imaginative nature run away with them; they can become lost and unable to operate well in 3-D reality. If they channel this visionary capability, they are likely to become great artists, actors, poets or dancers (especially as Pisces rules the feet). Pisces combines their sensitivity to the feelings of others with a divine compassion that may often cause them to go into spiritually oriented service. Being able to focus on the needs others, rather than staying solely attuned to their imagination, is very balancing and healing for this sign.

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