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23 July - 22 August
Element:  Fire
Planet:  Sun
Leo is the King, denoted by its symbol, the Lion (King of the Beasts). These people exude a regal quality, and are often leaders, or are in the spotlight in some fashion. They enjoy being the center of attention, and are gregarious, warm and charming. Leos (or those with a strong Leo influence in their natal chart) also make great organizers, and are fond of orchestrating things on a grand scale. Generous and warm-hearted, Leos take care of their "pride" -- their family and friends. Although their ego could tend to get in their way at times, Leos are ultimately loyal and dutiful in their friendships and relationships in general. Since they enjoy being at the heart of things, they are often the "life of the party," and entertaining others makes them shine.

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