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22 December - 19 January
Element:  Earth
Planet:  Saturn
Capricorns are known for their balance of ambition and conservatism. They are capable of the same drive and will of an Aries, but this is no "blind ambition"; a true Capricorn is constantly keeping their actions in check as not to threaten their own security. If a Capricorn is faced with a decision between their desire to get ahead and the possibility of taking a loss, they will choose security every time. So, they are acquisitive, but like their fellow earth-sign Virgo, are practical and hard-working. Because of their capacity to move forward while not taking unnecessary risks, Capricorns make excellent executives, and are quite capable of running their own business. Capricorns (or those with a strong Capricorn influence in their natal chart) are also gifted with great intuition, which increases their power to operate easily in the world. A stumbling block for Capricorn can be their ability to get too narrowly focused, missing "the forest for the trees." If their sun sign is tempered by a moon in a water or fire sign, this will help lift their sometimes over-serious natures.

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