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20 January - 18 February
Element:  Air
Planet:  Uranus
Aquarians relate to the world from a perspective of brotherhood and humanitarianism. They are concerned with the plight of the human race, and are likely at some point in their lives to become activists for a cause. Very idealistic, Aquarians (or those with a strong Aquarius influence in their natal chart) hold their friends up to high ideals as well; friendship is a huge part of their lives. They are also extremely independent, which may seem contradictory; but it's just that their friends and loved ones must come to deal with and understand their need for freedom. Aquarians need to consciously channel the great amount of nervous energy that resides in them, or it can come out in unpleasant ways. That is why it is so good for them to actively pursue humanitarian work. Because this sign is ruled by Uranus, they often exude an "electric" quality, which can seem charming to others while at the same time a bit dangerous. Aquarians are capable of bringing new and revolutionary ideas into the world, and their creative genius lies in their originality.

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